Monday, January 23, 2017

My love/hate relationship with Fashion

Part of why I feel like expressing myself again is because I feel there isn't a very good platform right now where people talk honest about Fashion. When I started blogging things were a bit different. Instagram didn't exist yet. Social media was there, but nowadays it has an even bigger influence on our society than it ever had. Go on Instagram and you'll find countless girls who seem to have perfect lives and get thousand of likes because of their Gucci logo shirt (It's a steal, 360 euro!). 

We seem to live in an age where every young girl wants to look like a Kardashian. We do have other girls like Leandra Medine from Man Repeller who I like and who has some good articles, but the emphasis always seems to be on buying expensive shoes. Read any fashion magazine and it still has countless articles on which items you definitely should own this season. They will have a nice actually in depth article about ethnic fashion or coding once in a while and then they go back to what they're good at: Promoting capitalism and weird 90s fads like chokers. 

Now don't get me wrong.. I love clothes too and I love Gucci and all that crap. It just seems weird to me that while there are some changes, most of it still seems the same. People still get trapped in thinking logos suddenly are cool again. There are still girls who think owning a Chanel bag will suddenly make their life better, but there's more to life than that. I wish magazines would actually publish articles about politics, science and technology more. Because I know there are many girls like me. Girls who like fashion, but also are smart and like to think for theirself. 

We should celebrate that. Karlie Kloss is a model who actually used her fame to start a school for young girls to learn coding. That's a great example and I wish more people would use their voice for things like that. We should be the change.

That's a lot of complaining. I realize that even in a hundred years there'll still be girls and guys that buy overpriced logo crap. That's just a part of the frivolous world fashion sometimes is. But let's focus on the good things. Fashion and technology is happening more and more. Alexander Mcqueen made his infamous H.R. Giger inspired shoes with a 3d printer for his Plato/Atlantis S/S 2010 Collection. Dutch designer Iris van Herpen also does a lot of great stuff with 3d printing.

 You started your label in 2007. What drove you to do it, and what is its place in the fashion world?
My general idea of fashion is pretty abstract: It’s more than a garment, and it’s more than a commercial product. Fashion is really an interconnected thing. It’s very locked down in its own system and in its own world, and I really don’t think about it in that way; things are happening all around us, and that should be connected to fashion. I feel it can be a form of art—it doesn’t have to be, but it can be. So from the beginning, I have been trying to define my own language in this locked-down system and get fashion out of its comfort zone, and I’ve been trying to have it interact with other disciplines like the arts, architecture, and science. For some people, it’s unimaginable that fashion and science can even connect, but in my mind they can. The world is changing very rapidly, and technology is a big influence on that, and I think the way a garment can be made can be radically changed and sustainable. It’s very experimental. I’m not trying to change it on a big scale, but I am trying to make little improvements on a smaller scale.


This is what gives me hope. This is why I love fashion. The ability to create new things using new technologies. Or Vivienne Westwood using fashion to express her political view. Fashion is not just about creating a pretty dress anymore.

We should be able to merge it with other fields and create something new.

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